Betta Known as....

:name...Jamielee aka :jamie girl:pohai

:date of birth... 07.01.85

:reppin the 7o2 sin city Las Vegas

:sweet when im in a good mood

:Bitchy when things arent right.....sigh:

:loved by the ones that care

:dancin.... drop it like its hott

:the love of someones heart

:sing'n like know ones business

:stylin... a lil street flava w/ a lil sophistication

:cruising... gotta start somewhere

;friend to many

:poses.... for the camera

:writing out my heart

:surviving... the drama

:creativity... websites, profiles, etc..

:soft hearted.... repair'n the pieces

:leavin a memory of each journey


Thanks for visiting my page. Its still under mad construction trying to put up some pics. Anyways hopefully

this is a new way for you to get to know me a little better

Just click on the pics to your left to go to a new page.

+::Take Care and God Bless::+