AnElA BeAn..BaBy MoNkEy


ApRiL 8, 2004 @ 2:54PM


DaDdY's GiRl

~*~ April 8, 2004 @2:54pm~*~

* dats jen holding me*

*my first family picture*

* I went booboo..eww*

* dis me @ one month*

*im 3 months*

*thats me laughing*

* me again*

*mommy's in my playpin*

*Look @ my hair*

* im in da car with my grandma*

*my first Halloween*

*dats my grandpa*

* yummy... its good!*

*my first chrsitmas*

*dats my mommy and daddy*

*my daddy and i sleepin*

*seven months*

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