ey.. Heres my best friend jen

I like to call her

*Frosted mini wheat*

Shes single so if you wanna holla

then you know wea

to find me.




JeNjEn..wHiTe GiRl


AuGuSt 8,1985



*ey Frosted mini Wheat...

wadda up girl? anyways i wanted to start off by saying thanks for always being there for me... from the day at the playground to all the chapters in my life. Girl you be like "Whoa" hehe anyways girl please dont follow in my footsteps... being single feels nice *sometimes* majority of all guys suck! its hard finding the good ones so be patient your prince charming will find you soon. But girl like I've always told you... Wrap that Sh*t. OMG... saying that reminded me of "Thumper" haha you and Thumper that was so funny. well girl all I can say is your the best. Love you like family....xoxox

*yup here we are goofin off

like always

heres jen a few years ago

Jen these days

Jen again