~*:ey... so heres my shout out page.

First i wanna thank the big man above and my girl nessa for watching over me and everyone else . I wanna thank my family for being my weird family.. hehe. Also my new family eddie and anela for all your love. I dont know where i would be if i didnt have the both of you... even tho we have our problems{what family doesnt}. and of course i cant leave out "my mother in law" its funny how we dont know what to call each other... but thanks for letting me be a part of your family... i love the bond that we share. last but not least my enemies.. if it wasnt for you i wouldnt know what i know now in life. =and i still have problems with ya'll=

*: jenjen:*

ey girl...thanks for everything. Girl you remember those days we had sleep overs?!?! the donut scene .. hahaha that was the sh*ts. And all those guys.... yup you played them rite. anyways Im so proud of you for doing your photoshoot without me. your so brave!! hehe Well i got to say be careful.. dont give your heart away too soon


Wow... thanks for always being my friend even tho i "boolzed" you still stuck by my side. I learned alot from you and i want you to know that there is nothing i would change about you... you're perfect in my eye. Except that big head of yours.. hehe nah j/k i still love your big head anyways you'll always be my star playa!!!


ey miss mommy to be! Congrats! I cant believe you were the next person to get preg out of the group. You Rock! I wish you the best in your future. I have a feeling Jonny's a keeper. Yup.. we grew up performing on stage and now we all are writing the next chapter of our lives. Just know if you need mommy advice im here for ya...... Luv Ya always!


hey sweetie! Wow we've all grown up and gone thru alot of drama. But i can say that is was all worth it. Make sure you treat your man right cause he's so in love with you and its so sicking>> nah j/k I love you both make sure when you guys get married that Im there singin .. thats if i dont cry hehehe Stay Sweet

*: Pretzy:*

ey bokbok.. nah j/k well I think we're close enough that we can talk about our friendship without feeling embarrassed. And i hope i wont make you uncomfortable when i go one step further and say those three little words that really sum up how i feel about having you as a friend.... You're damn lucky!!! hehe nah girl you know i love like family we've drifted apart but we always seem to confine in one another. and i want you to know that i appreciate that you stuck by me no matter what. Maybe you'll be the next one in the group thats gonna be a mommy. I know you dont have to say it ..... Priscilla a mother Playa Please! yup thats what you always told me. Girl just keep it real!

~*~for everyone I missed~*~

Im sorry theres just so much I wanna say but I'll probably be repeating myself so I figured I'll do it this way and say thank you for being such a great friend to me. And always know that Im here for you when you need a friend, a smile , a laugh, or even hug.

~whitney, ashley, venessa, courtney, vivi, eve, teresa, anita, kea, ronesha, tiffany, raylene, mieko, sadie, krystal, brenda, wendy, ana, kiesha, chell, "surfer girl", rose, evalyn, lucy, christina, till, candace, cameron, mel, atavi, goldie, bre, ray, and so much more of ya'll I just cant think right now... Im sorry.

*:Mama "D"

hoy... damn mama... we've almost gone thru the same sh*t in life. But we always tend to have a happy ending. Girl it was tight working with you. We ruled the Mall. Other than that we were untouchable. Of course at that time I was with somebody and you were being a bad a*s like always talking to almost every guy with a dimple. But i had fun being a Bi*ch when I was fat!! and now Im starting over with my skinny self! Always know that I looked up to you like a big sister. You always made me eat and let me tell you...that sh*t was good. Damn you... actually yo mama will have to cook for me again hehe j/k Be us short people we Rock!

~*~ eddie~*~

Well I really dont know where to start. I can honestly say that we've gone thru ALOT!!!The reason why i wanted to write you this is because I need you to know that all the awful things Ive said or done to hurt you... im sorry. I react on my feelings first then anything else. I know I've broken a few promises and i didnt mean to. I didnt mean to ruin anything. In the three years I've known you... every second of my life I worry about you.... if your ok, if your in any trouble,if your mad, depressed, what ever the situation may be..... i do CARE! Theres alot of things i wanna say but i rather you know this:

I appreciate everything you've done to make me happy. That includes being there for anela. I appreciate the fact that you try to have peace between us instead of always fighting with me. Yea.. i know im hard and Im sorry. Its kinda hard trying to understand things when things in life arent right. You were always there for me and i never did thank you.... thank you. Eddie... when your with anela, I can see how happy you are. To me, when I look at her, I feel wanted, needed, and loved. Something I havent felt in a long time. It feels great knowing that someone needs me or loves me. But I really dont wanna say everything here so just know that Im sorry and that I do appreciate everything and that I do Care about you.~*~I love you~*~